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Wondering where to get started in Ham Radio? There are several good way to go, but the best is to check out the ARRL's webpage for beginners in ham radio!

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Also- Check out this ARRL Exam finder to find test sessions in your area:

Amateur Radio Technician Class this Fall

The Hamfesters, Tri-Town, and STARS radio clubs are joining forces to offer a Ham Radio Technician License Class to be taught this fall beginning on Thursday Sept. 12, 2013 at 7pm.

Teach location will be at the Tri-Town Club Station

 (the bunker) 170th and California Ave, Hazelcrest.

Class details and driving instructions can be found at:

Cost is free, however if you wish us to order a manual used in the class, the charge will be $30.00.

Get your FCC ham radio license and get on the air: talk to the world! 

Contact Brian Davis, W9HLQ for more information and to register for the class: 708/532-5833