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What is WaldoFar? It is an Amatuer Radio Repeater System located south of Chicago. The primary purpose is to provide communications in the event of severe weather for Skywarn weather spotters to relay their reports from the field, public events, and if necessary emergency communications in the event of any type of emergency. We protect where we live!
The WaldoFar Repeater System currently consists of of two UHF repeater systems that are linked together full time. The are:
442.375+ PL114.8 in Homewood, IL
441.300+ PL114.8 in Grant Park, IL
The WaldoFar system is owned and operated by the Gunderson family, who are all members of Tri Town, and supported by many other Hams in the South Suburban area, including many other Tri Towners. Several times a year the WaldoFar system is linked up for events with the Tri Town repeater system, including for Skywarn Weather Events.
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