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Mike, K9AJ is one of our own! Mike and Sue, K9XYL have been Club member for many years, Mikes passion is for DX. Not only a DXer, But Mike is on top of the game as an experience DXer on the other end of the pile-up. Mike is on top of anyones short list of top operators and is a very high demand operator for going out on DX-epiditons all over the world.

Tri-town is proud to call this World Class DXer one of our own(like we had anything to do with it!)

 Mike McGirr, MD, K9AJ

(bio courtesy of
Heard Island Expedition 1997, Cordell)

K9AJ, Mike McGirr, was first licensed in 1963 at the age of 16. Mike grew up in New Jersey, and lived on the east coast until residency training at the Univ of Chicago brought him to the midwest. Mike is Board Certified in Emergency Medicine & an examiner for the oral exams given by the American Board of Emergency Medicine. Mike is an avid DX'er & prefers CW-especially on low bands & WARC. K9AJ is on the top of the mixed & CW DXCC honor rolls & was the first midwest station to work 5 band WAZ. Past operations include: 4S7AJG, 8Q7AJ, 8Q7BQ, HC8X, XF4DX, T32BJ, K9AJ/KH5K, AH1A, T30AJ & J3J. Mike's XYL (Sue) is KA9RHK who helps run the K9AJ PacketCluster node. Mike & Sue have 4 children ranging in age from 20-27. ( 05 updated)
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