Club Station, W9VT

Tri-Town has a Club Station located in Hazel Crest, IL at "The Bunker". Click on any of the pictures to enlarge them.

The bunker is an old underground water tank that was converted to ESDA use, the walls and ceiling are 18" of  poured concrete!

We have use of an 80ft Rohn 45 Tower, a second 50ft Rohn 25 tower, and have equipment capability for 160m-70cm, including satellite!

During Field Day weekend we use the Bunker to obtain a "4F" catagory as an Emergency Command Center!

ttrac013007.jpg ttrac013006.jpg
This is one of the HF operating positions. It has a Kenwood TS-850S, Collins 30L-1 Linear Amp, Tuner, and PC for logging. Each of our main operating positions have PC's that are networked together to enable seemless logging during contests and Field Day!
ttrac013005.jpg ttrac013004.jpg
This is our PSK station. We use a Yaesu 757GX, one of the classic ham radio workhorses!
This is our satellite station. We us a Yaesu FT-736 with an Astron power supply. Also pictured is rotor and elevator control, PL encoder, SWR bridge, and PC.
This is another HF operating position. This position utilizes a Ten-Tec Jupiter.
This operating position has a Yaesu FT-2000, Yeasu 2M Radio, and Astron power supply. Notice the 2M rig is monitoring the 146.805- Tri-Town Repeater!
Hope to see you at the Bunker soon!
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