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All Club members are invited and encouraged to try running the net!

If no one else starts it at 8PM pick up the ball and run with it.

Sunday Night Net Introduction

Good Evening! Welcome to Tri-Town Radio Amateur Club Sunday night Weather Net! This net meets every Sunday night at 8 PM here on the Tri-Town Repeater. The Club Repeater is on 146.805 and uses a 107.2 PL encode and decode. This repeater is 100% PL so you do need the 107.2 Tone to access this system. No PL, No Access!

The Tri-Town RAC is located in South Suburban Chicago. The Club meets the 3rd Friday of the month at the Village of Hazel Crest Municipal Center, 170th & Holmes. Meetings start at 8pm and all are welcome members and guests alike. Our next Scheduled Club meeting is ________ ________. Refreshments will be served and if you get lost call right here on 146.805! Weíll talk you in.

The purpose of the Weather Net is to update Club members with current events and provide Local Hams the opportunity to test themselves and their equipment. In times of an emergency this net will activate and provide Amateur Radio assistance where necessary.

This is a Directed Net. Please direct all Inquires, Questions and traffic to your net control Station, which tonight is ---- Name ----, Iím -----Call ----, and Iím located in ---- Location ----!

We will be taking check-ins in this order: Short Timers, A-F, G-R, and S-Z

You donít have to be a Club Member to Check-In. So, please jump right in and let us know that youíre out there! Remember any distant rare DX stations, you need that 107.2 PL to access the repeater!

We ask all Base Station to restrict their power to around 10 watts or less as not to interfere with our neighboring repeaters. A good neighbor is a Quite Neighbor!

When you check in lets check in with your Call, Name, and Location and if you have any traffic for the net, let us know! Letís start with shortimers, and spread them out a little!