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Nets Sponsored by The Tri-Town Radio Amateur Club

All Net Times are Local Central Time

New 75 Meter SSB Net for Tri-Town
What are you doing Saturday mornings? Why not get on the air and check into Tri-Town’s newest net. Jim, KB9VR, has started a new 75 Meter SSB net on 3860 at 9 AM local time. Why not check in and hear what’s happening?

Daily 3:00 PM Cracker-Barrel Net 146.805(-) PL 107.2

Sunday: 8:00 PM Weather Net 146.805(-) PL 107.2

Monday: 8:00 PM South Suburban Skywarn Net- Multi Frequency:

442.375(+) PL 114.8, 441.300(-) PL 114.8

Wednesday: 8:00 PM The 49'ers Net 146.805(-) PL 107.2

Thursday: 8:00 PM 10 Meter Net 28.490 (+/- QRM)

Saturday: 8:30 AM 40 Meter Net 7.262 (+/- QRM)


Tri-Town Radio Amateur Club is a General Interest Club. We are not a Repeater Club, but a Club that happens to have a Repeater!  There is a difference!  During most of the day and night, you will a lot of Club member’s on 146.49 Simplex or over on the Club Repeater, 146.805.
Stop on by, Check us out, and say Hi!