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Nets Sponsored by The Tri-Town Radio Amateur Club

All Net Times are Local Central Time

New Frequency for the 75 Meter SSB Net!
What are you doing Saturday mornings? Why not get on the air and check into Tri-Town’s 75 meter net. The 75 Meter SSB net is on 3862 at 9 AM local time. Why not check in and hear what’s happening?

Daily 3:00 PM Cracker-Barrel Net 146.805(-) PL 107.2

Sunday: 8:00 PM Weather Net 146.805(-) PL 107.2

Monday: 8:00 PM South Suburban Skywarn Net- Multi Frequency:

442.375(+) PL 114.8, 441.300(-) PL 114.8

Wednesday: 8:00 PM The 49'ers Net 146.805(-) PL 107.2

Thursday: 8:00 PM 10 Meter Net 28.490 (+/- QRM)

Saturday: 8:30 AM 40 Meter Net 7.262 (+/- QRM)


Tri-Town Radio Amateur Club is a General Interest Club. We are not a Repeater Club, but a Club that happens to have a Repeater!  There is a difference!  During most of the day and night, you will a lot of Club member’s on 146.49 Simplex or over on the Club Repeater, 146.805.
Stop on by, Check us out, and say Hi!