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March Oscillator now available for download!
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All Face to Face Club Meetings & Village Facilities (The Bunker) are still Closed!


Tri-Town Programs

(Held via Zoom)


March 26, 2021        Riley Hollingsworth, K4ZDH, ARRL Volunteer Monitor Program Coordinator

All meetings are on Fridays and will be held via Zoom and will start at 7:30 PM


NEW and Easy way to pay your Dues!  PAYPAL! ... From Trish N9WGD Treasurer

Remember dues are due for 2021.

The Board at its last meeting decided to use PayPal for paying your dues- so I have a PayPal account that we will be using- it is under my name- Tricia Jaggard- my email  Dues are $25 per year and $6 for each family member. In the notes you can add any extra stuff you would like to add.


Support Your Club!


Your support and your dues are what keep the club activities, club station, and club repeater going strong. There are more licensed Hams now than ever before, when you meet new Hams on the air invite them to a meeting and chat with them on the repeater, make sure everyone knows that Tri-Town is still a strong fixture of Amateur Radio in the Chicagoland area.


New Frequency for the 75 Meter SSB Net!

What are you doing Saturday mornings? Why not get on the air and check into Tri-Town’s 75 meter net. The 75 Meter SSB net is on 3862 at 9 AM local time. Why not check in and hear what’s happening?



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