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4th Friday!
New Meeting Date is the 4th Friday of the Month!


January Business Meeting

Program: The "Original Ham's Wide World" Video
Friday, January 25,2019, 7:30 PM at the Hazel Crest Village Hall.

First business of the new year. Officers for 2019 will take their offices. The program for the evening is from the ARRL Film Collection. The original "Ham's Wide World" will be shown. Raffle and refreshments will be available. Bring a friend!


February Business Meeting

Program: To be announced
Friday, February 22, 2019, 7:30 PM at the Hazel Crest Village Hall. The business meeting will be followed by a
program. Raffle and refreshments will be available. Bring a friend.

2019 Election Results
Nominations were open for the election of officers and member of the board of Tri-Town Radio Amateur Club for 2019 until the time of the vote at the Meeting/Christmas Party.


The slate of nominations was as follows:


Office of President, Brian Bedoe WD9HSY

Vice-President, Matt Schumann N9OTL

Secretary, Jim Everard WD9GXU

Treasurer, Trish Jaggard N9WDG

John Krueger N9DWE for Director.


The slate of officers was unanimously elected.

Thank you to all who chose to serve the Club in 2019!



Support Your Club!


Your support and your dues are what keep the club activities, club station, and club repeater going strong. There are more licensed Hams now than ever before, when you meet new Hams on the air invite them to a meeting and chat with them on the repeater, make sure everyone knows that Tri-Town is still a strong fixture of Amateur Radio in the Chicagoland area.
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